War is not needed to destroy a nation, rather reduce the ratio of quality education; this will serve as the harshest weapon. The populated rural areas of Sindh are deprived of education, not because they have no desire but due to lack of resources. Many government schools are constructed in rural areas yet they completely fail to provide quality education. Government schools look like camps rather than education centres. Almost illiterate teachers are appointed there, who only wait for the first date of the month to collect their salary.

The literacy rate is decreasing day by day in the rural areas of Sindh. Education has become a business as almost the government school teachers teach in private institutions on the side and they are busy prioritising and decorating them. Resourceful students can easily get a good quality education but passionate students are left behind because of such irresponsibilities.

Education is the right of every citizen and villager, and the aorta of every country. In the survey of literacy rate of Pakistan in 2019, it was only Sindh which had a decreasing literacy rate, down from 63% to 62%. In 2015 the UNICEF conducted a report in which it was found that 40% of Sindhi students were not present in the school. Decreasing rates of education bring lots of incurable diseases like poverty, crime, unemployment and illiteracy. Uneducated parents must be made aware of the importance of education, while the entire education system of Pakistan needs reform.