We are living in an age dominated by science and technology. Man has set foot on the moon, crashed the oceans and seas to explore the beauty of this universe. Mankind has excelled high in medical, scientific and cultural fields. We claim to have achieved loftiness and excellence in human civilization. We look glamorous and flamboyant in our outlook and are being called the supreme creatures of God on this planet of earth. Yet we are hollow from within, we’ve indeed lost spirituality and a true sense of values, which we inherited from our forefathers. 

We are engrossed into a materialistic world, pushed the morals to the walls and dashed the ethics to the ground. We have slaughtered human dignity. We’re dwelling in the society, where a son murders his father or mother for the sake of property, innocent children become prey to sexual abuse and are killed brutally. Humiliating parents and elders have become a fashion and lawlessness coupled with wickedness is at the peak. Sadly, we have lost our faith, drugged our souls and doomed our ways. We’re no longer the same.

The digital age or conventional society has snatched our true sense, humility and peace of mind. Crimes and barbarism have become rampant and fear of God has vanished away from the heart of people. We have become slaves of technology. It is the high time to open our eyes and set our directions before it is too late to mend. We should adapt spiritualism, true values, ethics and morals. We need not to enslave ourselves to science and technology, instead, we should use it judiciously. We should promote fraternity, goodness, truth, beauty and love. We should try to contribute positivity to bring about a world free from selfishness and oppression.