Islamabad    -   The spokesperson of Ministry of National Health Services, Regulation & Coordination has said that it is incorrect to say that Global Fund has stopped funding Pakistan programme. The funding is likely to go up from $200 million to close to $300 million. 

Global fund had concerns about the disease pattern of HIV Aids and TB, and need for increased funding by the federal government and the provincial governments. Pakistan has since engaged Global Fund at top level.  Federal Secretary Health held meetings with top leadership of Global Fund. The meetings have been very successful and the Global Fund is looking forward to an enhanced partnership with the Government of Pakistan to fight the three diseases.  

“Pakistan is going to invest more than twice the Global Fund grant over the next three years with Federal Government leading the way by providing matching grants to all provincial governments for every rupee spent. It is regretful that fight against diseases being a national cause, has been politicised by the opposition, by citing half truths and without knowing action taken by the government since the letter referred to,” the spokesperson concluded.