Malala Yousafzai, who recently graduated from Oxford University, participated in an online interview with former Bollywood actor Twinkle Khanna.

The conversation was part of a virtual Tweak India Summit that was organised to mark the actor-turned-author’s initiatives’ first anniversary. The one-day summit featured women from various fields including Vidya Balan, Tahira Kashyap, Chetna Singh Gala, Sudha Murty, Revathi Roy among others.

“I was never a celebrity so I never took my fame like celebrities do,” said Malala. “If someone appreciates me I’m grateful, and if someone wants to take a picture with me, I’m like, ‘why not?’”

She then reiterated how for a woman, to be deprived of education meant that she’d be vulnerable to early marriage, sexual abuse, domestic violence and becoming a mother when she herself was a child. “It means her dreams would be taken away from her and that was the worst life I could imagine,” Malala exclaimed.

She continued to emphasise on how the role of men was crucial when it came to female empowerment. “The role of men is crucial for female empowerment, because that’s where the problem lies,” quipped Malala. “And he’s [her father] been making sure he proves that if you give a woman education, you not only help her but her whole community.”

“I’m not sure about that, but all I know is when I go meet them, I need to highlight the issues that girls are facing around the globe. And that has been challenging because some leaders are not willing to meet you because of how you may challenge them.”