KARACHI - The government and authority concerned will make another move to the operational and functional the Koragni Fish Harbour by removing around 500 fishing boats from Karachi Fish Harbour, The Nation has learnt on Thursday.   Authorities have resumed their efforts to reorganize the Korangi Fish Harbour by taking hundred of fishing boats, while the fishermen have opposed the decision to shift their boats to Korangi Harbour. A high level meeting is scheduled to be held on September 9 at Korangi Fish Harbor in which high authorities will take part and chalk out the strategy to reorganize Korangi Fish Harbour. The local fishermen living near Karachi Harbour do not want to be transformed to the Korangi Harbour due to extra expenses as well as lack of facilities in Korangi Harbour. The fishermen alleged that the previous government had failed to provide any assistance to the local fishermen. It worthily be mentioned here that Korangi Fish Harbour is being operated under the Federal government but the government has not gotten any achievement to success the operation. The previous governments have strived several efforts to start the operation of the Korangi Harbour to reduce the burden of the KFH but they had failed to do that.