KARACHI- The Centralised Admission Policy (CAP) on Thursday issued the admission lists for two major faculties of HSC Part-I, including Home Economics Group and Computer Science (male and female), belonging to 25 colleges of the metropolis. The numbers of admissions in the faculty of Home Economics are being declined day by day as only 434 admissions were given this year, which considerably low than the last year when 534 admissions had been offered in the city on the same account. CAP will start receiving claims forms from September 10, 2008," said D G Colleges Dr Rafiq Ahmed Siddiqui on Thursday, while speaking at a press conference held at PECHS Government Girls College. He observed that there was a dominant inclination in the students to have admissions in the faculty of computer science. He said, "This year nearly 84,000 admissions are being given to six faculties of nearly 123 colleges. Such faculties include Science (Pre-Engineering), Science (Pre-Medical), General Science (Computer), Commerce, Humanities (Arts) and Home Economics which is offered to the female students only. To a query, he said that millions of rupees were being spent to run the admissions-related activities under the CAP. It is pertinent to mention here that CAP has already separated around 38 higher secondary schools of the metropolis from CAP on the demands of former EDO Fakhar Karim and DO Iqbal. 434 application forms were received for admissions to the faculty of home economics on the available seats of 600, and all 434 candidates have been given admissions to Rana Liaquat Ali Khan Govt College of Home & Economics Karachi. The admissions to said faculty and college were started from 772 marks and closed at 362 total marks (43 percent). Conversely, CAP has given admission to the faculty of computer science in 11 colleges of the city to 5,74 female candidates, having 106 A-One grades, 347 A grades, 120 B grades and 1 C grades.  However a total of 1108 application forms were received on the same account. The admissions were commenced from 759 marks and closed at 504 marks (59 per cent). However, around 51 candidates were admitted to Abdullah Government College for Women , 52 to Government College for Women Nazimabad , 100 to Sir Syed Government College for Women, 51 to APWA Government College for Women, 25 to Government Girls College Zam Zama, 40 to Government College for Women, 50 to Government Degree Science College Malir Cantt, 52 to St. Lawrance Government Girls College, 53 to Government BAMM PECHS College for Women, 50 Government Degree College Stadium Road and 50 candidates and 50 students facilitated at Government Degree Science & Commerce College. To get admission in the faculty of computer science, a total of 1210 male candidates submitted their application forms to CAP out of which 827 candidates have been offered admissions to nearly 13 colleges of the megalopolis. The admission were given to 47 A-One grade holders, 274 A grade holders, 312 B grade possessors and 180 C grade holders. The admission was started from 740 marks and closed at 372 marks (43 per cent). A total of 61 candidates have been offered admissions to Islamia Government Science College, while 60 to Government Degree College Gulshan-e-Iqbal, 60 to Government National College (Morning), 111 to Government Jamia Millia Degree College (Morning), 60 to Government Superior Science College (Morning), 60 to Govt. Degree Science & Commerce College (Morning), 60 to Government Degree Science College Malir Cantt., 62 to S.M. Government Science College, 60 to Government Degree Science & Commerce College, 62 to Pakistan Shipowner's Government College, 61 to Government Degree College for Boys, 60 to Government Degree Boys College, 50 to Government College For Men Nazimabad.