ISLAMABAD - Members of Parliament (MPs) from Federally Administrated Tribal Areas (FATA) here on Thursday, while strongly slamming the US-led coalition attack in South Waziristan Agency, announced not to vote for Asif Ali Zardari in the presidential election. In an unprecedented move, FATA parliamentarians receding from their earlier commitment to support Asif Ali Zardari in the upcoming presidential election, announced that they would not vote for PPP's candidate in protest against government's failure to stop the US-led forces from carrying out strikes on Pakistan's tribal territories. Leader of the FATA MPs, Munir Khan Aurakzai, said this while addressing the National Assembly in which he strongly criticised the US attack on Angoor Adda, a village in South Waziristan Agency. Later, he, along with his other FATA MPs, walked out of the Lower House and told the media persons of their decision that they would not support Zardari in the presidential election. He also said the PPP government had promised the tribal members to restore peace in the tribal region and initiate development work. "But no promise has been honoured despite commitments", he added. He said the government's policy was contrary to its commitments as is evident from the fact that no process of political dialogue has been initiated so far in the tribal areas. "The government has announced to start political process in tribal regions but did not halt military operation yet. The operation has been intensified instead observed. He said that now the NATO forces for the first time entered the Pakistani tribal region and killed the innocent people. Aurakzai said that the government had also failed to stop fighting in Kurrum Agency, adding that around 40 villages had been destroyed so far but the government was behaving like a silent spectator. He said that a large number of people had been killed in Kurram Agency and thousands of them have been displaced but the government was not taking any action to stop fighting. "We all the members from tribal region are united and decided not to vote Zardari," he said, adding that the tribal members might vote for other candidate but the decision in this regard would be taken later. But Syed Akhonzada Chitan, member of National Assembly from Bajaur Agency said he would vote for Asif Zardari as he had emerged as symbol of the federation. "I will vote for Asif Ali Zardari as I believe that PPP is the only party which can keep the country united. I am not part of the decision, taken by Aurakzai", he stated. Meanwhile, Sajid Hussain Turi, MNA from Kurram Agency, addressing a press conference at Islamabad Press Club said that if the government did not take immediate steps to restore peace in Parachinar and honour its pledges, made with tribal elders, he (Turi), along his colleague MPs from FATA, would not vote Asif Ali Zardari in the presidential election. He urged the government to immediately launch military operation against miscreant elements in Parachinar. "For sustainable peace in the area, militia should be deployed in the Kurram Agency. The government must ensure the smooth supply of edible commodities and medicines in Parachinar and the adjacent villages. The PIA flights for Parachinar should be resumed at the earliest. Tal- Parachinar Road also be opened for commuters", he demanded. Another MNA from FATA, Jawad Hussain, while talking to TheNation said that the government was backtracking from its pledges it had made with tribal parliamentarians. "If the PPP-led coalition government does not take us into confidence about its future plans for the area, we would never vote Asif Ali Zardari", he noted.