FAISALABAD - Expressing grave concern over the sharp increase in the locally manufactured caustic soda flakes, Chairman All Pakistan Textile Processing Mills Association (APTPMA) Muhammad Riaz Sheikh and former Chairman APTPMA M Iqbal Arbi have expressed indignation over the unilateral enhancement in the prices of locally manufactured caustic soda products and deemed it extremely harmful for the textile processing industry. Elaborating their contention, the signatories of the joint press release stated that during the preceding month, the prices of caustic soda flakes have been enhanced from Rs36,848 to Rs42,326 per metric ton, while the prospect of enhancement in the prices of caustic soda liquid and solid too cannot be ruled out. Further elaborating, APTPMA chiefs stated that whereas caustic soda has assumed the status of a basic raw-material for the textile processing sector, even the slightest enhancement in the prices of caustic soda products, especially during the ongoing era of globalization, would render our products uncompetitive and oust us from the international export market. They further contented that while there are only two caustic soda manufacturing units in Pakistan whose raw materials are available, by and large, from local sources, there is no gainsaying the fact that the enhancement has been motivated through profiteering in gross contravention of the universally acclaimed norms of monopoly and cartels. In view of these facts, the signatories of the PR have fervently appealed to Mian Muhammad Adrees, Chairman , Caustic Soda Manufacturers Association (CSMA), to refrain from enhancement in the prices of caustic soda products and restore their prices to the previous level.