ISLAMABAD - President Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali on Thursday apologised from the nation on the dismal performance of the national hockey team in the Beijing Olympics in which Pakistan earned 8th position. Speaking before the sub-committee of the Senate Standing Committee on Sports, he said the people were expecting remarkable performance from the team. "They could not deliver and as head of the PHF I apologise from the whole nation. There were many reasons of the dismal show of the Pakistani players," he added. While pointing out the main causes of the team's poor show in Olympics, he said that the political interference was one main cause. "There was bickering among team members of the national team after the changes in the PHF management a month before Beijing Olympics," he viewed. Jamali said the national team was also lacking in combination. "Players were not involved mentally. Also, the umpires were whistling against us and they were showing yellow cards to our players consistently. I took this issue to the FIH jury but I could not get any positive response from them," he said. "The PHF is not represented in the Federation of International Hockey (FIH) and Asian Hockey Federation (AHF), as the European are molding the rules as and how its suits them. We need to train international standard coaches and umpires to make a place at international level," he added. Jamali suggested that departmental hockey should be revised and new academies should be established in major cities to prepare Under-10, Under-12 and then Under-18 and Under-21 teams to create a nursery. "I intend to change the whole set up. I am ready to sacrifice for the national game. We should cooperate with each other to promote the hockey at grass root level," he viewed.Later on, talking to media, Jamali disclosed that the PHF would make some important changes in selection committee after lowly performance in the Beijing Olympics 2008. "We are looking for sincere people. The captain will be named after the trials," he concluded.