THE US has an ignominious record of violating Pakistan's territorial sovereignty in pursuit of its targets, killing innocent tribesmen and not sparing even security personnel. The humiliations to which Pakistan has been subjected include repeated violations of its airspace by US drones, helicopters and warplanes, wanton rocket and missile attacks and shelling from the other side of the border. Over a dozen people had died and many more were injured in the Damadola attack two years back. In June this year, 11 Pakistani troops were killed in a US air strike on a checkpost in Mohmand Agency. Last month, 20 persons died in another strike in South Waziristan. The latest incident, wherein US commandos landed in a FATA village and killed 20 civilians, including women and children, and flew back with impunity, is the most outrageous. Like Kabul, Islamabad has not gone beyond an impotent protest. The incident is all the more serious as it comes in the wake of the meeting between the US and Pakistan top brass aboard US carrier, the USS Abraham Lincoln, two weeks back. Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm Mike Mullen had subsequently maintained that Pakistan's focus on War On Terror was finally on target and COAS Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani was moving in the right direction. This had led many to conclude that henceforth there would be no US attacks inside FATA, particularly when the Pakistani forces are conducting an operation there. Some 30 militants were killed on Tuesday in Swat alone. It transpires now that the US still does not trust Pakistan's security apparatus and instead of sharing actionable information and letting it deal with any possible militant threat, prefers to launch attacks inside Pakistan's territory on its own. The NATO-led troops in Afghanistan are notorious for killing innocent non-combatants on faulty information. This is precisely what they seem to have done while attacking inside a village in the Birmal region of South Waziristan. This would raise questions about the relevance of the Tripartite Commission supposed to facilitate sharing of information between the Nato-led troops, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Why should Islamabad remain a part of the body if the US is to continue to launch attacks on its own? One had hoped that, after General Musharraf's resignation, the elected government would take a firm stand against the violation of Pakistan's sovereignty. It is the duty of the government to provide protection to its citizens while the armed forces have to ensure that the country's geographical frontiers are not violated. That foreign troops continue to kill Pakistani citizens and destroy their property in FATA brings no credit to those who are entrusted with the task of providing security and protection.