ISLAMABAD - Due to lethargic or criminal negligence on the part of authorities concerned, commercial activities in the residential areas of twin cities are causing worst traffic jams. TheNation has observed that poplar avenues and residential areas of Islamabad are overwhelmed by schools, colleges and universities thus multiplying the miseries of motorists and passengers who have to wait in queue for hours in order to pass by such places. The popular avenues and residential areas of twin cities that are being used as commercial hubs include Pitras Bokhari Road, Nazim-ud-Din Road, Satellite Town, Bank Road, adjoining areas of Commercial Market and several other areas of he twin cities. It has been witnessed that Pitras Bokhari Road in Islamabad that stretches from TNT Colony, G-8 to H-8 sector is overwhelmed with private schools, a medical college, a university and a private hospital. The famous graveyard of H-8 is also situated on this road. However, H-8 graveyard and the famous hospital located on the aforementioned road contain spacious area for parking, which can easily accommodate maximum number of visitors. But in case of the death of any renowned personality whose body is brought for burial in H-8 graveyard, the parking area proves insufficient and motorists have to park their vehicles down the road thus creating traffic mess. The schools, colleges and universities located at Pitras Bokhari Road lack proper parking area. As a consequence, teachers, students and parents who visit the school to pick and drop their children, have to park their vehicles on the road. Worst traffic jams are often seen at Pitras Bokhari Road in the wee hours. The traffic jams are frequent at morning time from 8 am to 1 pm, and in the afternoon from 1 pm to 3 pm. "It's a pity that such leading schools who spare no time to demand heavy fees from students , cannot invest a little on the construction of parking areas", lamented Alia Jatoi, mother of a student. Likewise, Nazim-ud-Din Road is witnessing same kind of situation where some leading schools are operating but they lack any proper parking areas.  The same sort of traffic jam is also seen in the morning and afternoon but Capital Development Authority (CDA) has adopted an ignorant attitude towards the matter since the owners of such institutions happen to be influential and privileged people, who are always ready to "negotiate" with the governmental high ups and "accommodate" them. "We have to crawl at snails pace to cross Nazim-ud-Din Road" deplored Ali Azher. In addition, Satellite Town and other areas of Rawalpindi are no exceptions where similar kind of situations as mentioned above are frequent and a source of nuisance. The inhabitants of these areas have demanded of the government that such institutes that lack proper parking and spacious areas must not be allowed to operate. The CDA and Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) must not issue 'No Objection Certificates (NOC's)' to such institutes that fleece the students but lack even basic amenities including parking lots, suggested Fayaz-ul-Hassan a former bureaucrat. People have demanded of the government to take immediate measures to let the educational institutions operate in isolated and less crowded areas. The shifting of International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) from Faisal Mosque to H-10 and that of Comsats from H-8 to Chak Shehzad are praise worthy examples, to be quoted in this regard. The new campuses of both these well-reputed educational institutions contain huge and spacious areas for parking and other educational amenities including playgrounds and hostels.