LAHORE - Emerging differences between lawyers fraternity and the ensuing of month of Ramazan resulted in the poorest show on The Mall as only few dozens lawyers marched to the Punjab Assembly Hall Chowk as a part of their weekly protest against restoration of sacked judges. It has been learnt that the relations between office bearers of Lahore High Court Bar Association and Lahore Bar Association had been restored since the inconclusive end of long march. The Punjab Bar Council by receiving a grant of Rs 30 million from Federal Law Minister Frooq H Naek had also expressed its mind that it would not follow the call of National Coordination Council headed by Aitzaz Ahsan. The Lahore High Court Bar Association and the Lahore Bar Association held separate rallies and had announced full day court boycott, which was partially observed.  LBA lawyers did not join LHCBA' rally and held their protest at PMG Chowk after coming out of Awan-e-Adl. LHCBA held its general house meeting at its Kiani Hall and taken to GPO Chowk while chanting slogans in favour of sacked judges. Activists of PML-N, Jamat-e-Islami, Tehrik-e-Insaf and civil society were not among the protesters. However a few activists of Tehrik-e-Khaksar, Labour Party, and Pakhtoonkhawa Milli Awami Party joined the lawyers at GPO Chowk and marched while holding their respective party flags. Lawyers of the Lahore Bar Association also did not join the LHCBA rally and limited their protest rally by PMG Chowk after starting their rally from the Aiwan-e-Adal. However no protester chanted slogans against the PPP government or its leadership following the requests of PLF, a PPP lawyers' wing. General house meeting of the LHCBA was attended by large number of lawyers, as the hall was jam-packed with lawyers. But PPP lawyers did not joined the rally and stayed in the bar considering the rally against their party which was considered by common lawyers responsible for not restoring all the sacked judges. LHCBA secretary Rana Asadullah said LBA lawyers should have joined their rally. He said that thin number of lawyers in Thursday's rally was because of Ramazan and hot season. He said top leadership of city lawyers was also in Islamabad to join protest in front of Parliament and their absence can be a reason of thin attendance in the rally. In next rally they would ensure full participation of lawyers and infuse previous momentum in their movement, he said. The Lahore High Court bar association in its general house meeting through a resolution Thursday rejected the government's policy to reappoint the deposed judges. The general house also resolved that Pervez Musharraf should be held accountable for 'crimes' he committed over eight years and tried under article 6 of the constitution. They also demanded that Pervez Musharraf should be given exemplary punishment to stop the way of military dictators to grab power. They also condemned allied forces attack on Angoor Adda and killing of innocent Pakistani.  The house also passed the resolution that Musharraf sacked 60 judges in the wake of November 3,2007 emergency and PCO, tortured hundreds of protesting lawyers and thrown them behind the bar. They also resolved that he embezzled Rs 700 million US aid per year that caused huge monetary loss to national kitty. Speaking on the occasion the lawyers said their movement is not for brining judges back to their jobs but for the restoration of judges to their November 2 position. They reminded political parties that it was their movement that made possible for them to come into power. They dispelled the impression that lawyers were divided saying that they are ready for a big showdown for the reinstatement of judges, including chief justice Iftikhar Chaudhry. Secretary Rana Asadullah Khan said there is not doubt that PPP lawyers under the leadership of Benazir Bhutto rendered countless sacrifices during lawyers' movement and for that legal fraternity paid homage to them. He, however, pointed out that it was Benazir who said that Justice Iftikhar was the CJ of Pakistan and she would herself hoist national flag atop his residence. He condemned Law Minister Farooq Naek's statement that Justice Abdul Hameed Dogar was the constitutional CJ and in case of Justice Iftikhar's restoration through fresh oath he would have to work under Justice Dogar. He invited PPP lawyers to come forward to justify this statement. But no PPP lawyers came forward to defend chief Justice of Pakistan Abdul Hameed Dogar. Interestingly, a large number of lawyers affiliated with PPP were present in Thursday's general house meeting ahead of protest rally. But no one dared to stand up and say even a single word in favour of Justice Dogar. Pakistan Bar Council member Kazim Khan and PLF representative Azir Latif were present in the meeting and were invited to clarify the government's position who earlier had been declaring PCO judges as illegal but now were considering them constitutional judges. At this the audience lawyers chanted slogans saying "no answer", "no answer". It is worth mentioning that two days earlier, Azir Latif's supporters created as mess when he was not given a chance to address the bar in favour the government. It is learnt that prior to the general house meeting, PLF lawyers planned to sabotage the general house meeting by chanting slogans in favour of the government but they could not do so as every speaker condemned the previous incident of pandemonium.