No doubt things are chaotic and messy at the moment but should that be made an excuse to lose hope? Or should we brace ourselves afresh for 'come what may' and employ all the elements of national unity, strength and stability to overcome all these crises? The saner ones will always opt for the latter course whatever the magnitude of difficulties arising out of conflicting expectations, rigid mindsets and "safe character-assassination" (condemning others with the self-deception that the critics are safe). There is, therefore, no justification for despair. What is needed at present, is a patient and cool assessment of the prevailing geo-political situation. It can be verily said that the things won't be that easy for the PPP government as well as for its chief, Asif Ali Zardari, in the times to come especially after Zardari's ascendancy to the Presidency. Everyone knows that Zardari and his party have inherited a big legacy of crises and troubles some of which have brought the country to a sorry pass. But despite all these negatives, the silver lining at the end of the dark tunnel is also visible. It is rather believed that Zardari, with the blessing of his exceptionally altruistic and conciliatory approach, will sooner or later be able to come out of all these troubles one after the other. A very powerful political party whose leaders happen to be the President and the PM is far better than a weak coalition or party in power on whose neck the sword of interventionist, undemocratic forces is always hanging. To nation's good luck, even the armed forces under the new command, have decided to side with the nation. Now whatever the mess, it has to be cleared by the people through their elected President, PM, CMs and the parliament, this is a clear message from the COAS General Ashfaq Pervaiz Kayani. But the message also contains assurances of full support to the democratic system. Those who think that the mess created by undemocratic forces should be cleared only by those forces, are caught in the past trap laid down by our autocratic elite to remain in power denying the masses access to power. The emerging post-September 6 scenario is going to offer us golden opportunities to undo the past blunders and constitutional violations. The mess that has eaten into our vitals is not going to sustain anymore only because the collective power of our political cadres, institutions and civil society alike, is going to arrest all the over-ambitious tendencies forever paving the way for a lasting democracy that will never ever be subverted.