ISLAMABAD- The Senate and the National Assembly in separate unanimous resolutions Thursday strongly condemned Wednesday's attack on a village in Angoor Adda by the US-led coalition forces. The two Houses in their separate sittings described these attacks as unacceptable and demanded of the government to take practical steps to thwart such attacks with full force. They also asked the government to take up the matter in strongest terms with the member countries of International Security Assistance Force. The two Houses expressed full solidarity and sympathy with the people of FATA who continue to bear the brunt of terrorism. They also demanded immediate compensation for the families of the victims. The Upper House strongly condemned the attack of the US-led coalition forces and passed a unanimous resolution against the violation of Pakistan's sovereignty and territorial integrity. "The attack is a gross violation of Pakistan's sovereignty and territorial integrity," the Senate resolution said. "It also undermines the basic norms of international law and contradicts the very basis of cooperation between Pakistani security forces and ISAF (International Security Assistance Force), the coalition forces in Afghanistan," it said. The Upper House also Senate urged the government to take all necessary measures to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country and repulse such attacks in the future with full force. Later on, PML-N central leader, Ishaq Dar, presented a call attention notice to Chairman Senate and Professor Ibrahim offered Fateha for the departed souls in US ground assault on Angoor Adda, South Waziristan. Senate also unanimously passed a condemnation resolution against the attack on Prime Minister. Leader of the House in Senate, Senator Raza Rabbani had presented the resolution. Meanwhile, Opposition leader in Senate, Senator Kamil Ali Agha apologized to the Acting Chairman Senate, Jan Muhammad Jamali, for using insulting language against his family. Opposition leader said, on a point of order, that he had praised the services, rendered by Jamali family, for the country and for annexation of Balochistan to Pakistan. "It is indecent for me to target Acting Chairman Senate or any other hounorable member", he said. Acting Chairman Senate Jan Muhammad Jamali said he would uphold sanctity of the house, while Chaudhry Anwar Bhindar hoped such incident would not happen in future. The Upper House also passed unanimously the Industrial Relations Bill, 2008. The House also referred a privilege motion to the Senate Standing Committee on Privileges. Senator Nisar Memon had moved the motion. Meanwhile, the National Assembly also unanimously passed a resolution castigating the US attack on Pakistan's territory and calling upon the government to take all needed steps to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country. The resolution was jointly moved by Minister for Foreign Affairs Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Munir Khan Orakzai, Aftab Ahmed Khan Sherpao, Attaur Rehman, Riaz Pirzada, Riaz Fatyana, Wasim Akhtar, Asfandyar Wali and others. Minister for Foreign Affairs read out the resolution in the House that says the members of the Parliament strongly condemn the attack by coalition or ISAF troops on village Zulahi near Angoor Adda on September 3. "The attack has resulted in loss of precious lives, including women and children. The Chinook helicopter borne ground attack supported by additional air assets based in Afghanistan is a gross violation of Pakistan's sovereignty and territorial integrity", it further says, adding that the attack undermines the norms of international law and contradicts simply the very basis of cooperation between Pakistani security forces and ISAF Coalition forces in Afghanistan. It says the House calls upon the government to take all necessary measures to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country and repel such attacks in the future with full force. The House expresses its full solidarity and complete sympathy with the people of FATA who are equal citizens and continue to bear the brunt of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. "The National Assembly demands immediate compensation for the victims and their affected families. The House also reiterates resolve of the people to combat terrorism in all forms and manifestation", says the resolution. Earlier, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi termed the ISAF action in Angoor Adda shameful, regrettable and surprising and said it was an 'unforgivable incident'. Speaking in the National Assembly, he said Pakistan's sovereignty and territory had been violated despite its central role in the war against terrorism. "Pakistan is committed to fight against extremism and terrorism and our track record proves that Pakistan Army has laid down their lives to fight this monster," he stated. He said Foreign Office had already lodged a strong protest with the US by summoning its ambassador and conveying Pakistan and its people's reservations over the attack. Qureshi said he was surprised at the attack, as the rules of engagement had already been decided and the NATO spokesman was also unaware of the attack inside Pakistan's territory.    The minister said that Border Coordination Centres (BCCs); set up on Torkham border and having representation of Afghanistan, ISAF and Pakistan, were not consulted prior to taking such action. "In order to check Afghanistan's claim of Pakistanis entering their territory for terrorist attacks, Pakistan has offered partial fencing of the border, identification of vehicles traveling across the border and biometrics identification system", he stated. He said that he had told the Afghan authorities in clear terms that Pakistan should not be blamed for incidents inside their territory as they had serious issues of governance, law and order and narcotics trade. "I tell the Afghan government that nothing will be gained from incidents like Angoor Adda. You must review your policies", he observed.   "The opposition and the government has no division over Pakistan's interests and self-respect and we will defend our territorial integrity," he added. Qureshi also said the government would take opposition into confidence for formulating a national consensus on important national matters. Awami National Party chief, Asfandyar Wali, harshly condemned the incident of attack in Zulahi by NATO forces and urged for discussion on foreign policy in the National Assembly. "We will not tolerate incidents like this. We have to review our foreign policy concerning Afghanistan. The government must bring foreign policy in the House for discussion", he said. He also stated that the foreign policy should be discussed in the House and recommendations of all the parliamentarians must be incorporated in this regard. PML-N central leader and Member National Assembly, Ahsan Iqbal, in the assembly said that all policies should be discussed in the Parliament and people of Pakistan should be taken into confidence over the war on terror. He said that during Musharraf's era, only one person had decided the nation's fate, country's policy and Kashmir policy, but now as it was a democratic era, every thing should be discussed in the parliament. "PM's decision of abolishing NAB is appreciable but as long as PCO judges remain in the courts, there would be no difference between NAB and PCO judges", he added. He said that if the President would take oath from PCO judge on September 6, it would be unconstitutional and suspicious. He said that Chief Justice should be restored as he could get the people of the country out of the current crisis. Member National Assembly from FATA, Munir Aurakzai in his speech said that FATA members had condemned the US attack in Angoor Adda. He also announced that they would not cast their votes in favour of Zardari. After his announcement, all FATA MPs walked out of the House. Wasim Akther, MQM MNA, said that it was due to the wrong policies of the previous government that US forces had attacked several times on Pakistan's territory but Pakistan could not do anything apart from protest. He said that nobody could do any thing about the case of burying five women alive in Balochistan. Meanwhile, the National Assembly unanimously adopted a resolution to convene a special session to discuss the situation arising from the condemnable attack on Pakistan's territory by militants/terrorists and foreign forces.