GUY Ritchie has banned his wife Madonna from driving a fast car. The "RocknRolla" director, who turns 40 on September 10, doesn't want his 50-year-old spouse to buy him a sports car for his birthday because she is "appalling" behind the wheel. He said: "If she buys a fast car, she will not be a driver in it. No way will Madonna drive a fast car She is an appalling driver." Guy also admits he doesn't share Madonna's interest in horses and is actually terrified of them. He said: "The missus loves horses, but actually I'm scared of horses. I run away, I've never been able to get over that horse thing." When asked if the couple, who are already raising three children together, are planning to expand their brood further, Guy answered: "You will have to speak to her about that. She makes those decisions." He added: "I listen to what my wife has to say. I don't sniff at her creative opinions. I value them." Guy and Madonna have two sons - eight-year-old Rocco and David, two, who was adopted from Malawi. Madonna also has an 11-year-old daughter, Lourdes, from a previous relationship. Earlier this month, it was claimed the couple were planning to adopt a two-year-old girl from Malawi.          - EXPO