ISLAMABAD - Owing to negligence on the part of authorities concerned, a clerk of the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF) College has allegedly deprived the students of admission in the next session is despite receiving heavy fees. Besides, a series of irregularities and corruption in the college is continued unabated.This was disclosed by  reliable sources while talking to TheNation. Raja Amjad Iqbal, a clerk, at OPF College has allegedly swallowed Rs 5,00,000 during the admission process. The source further stated that there seems no discipline at the College at any level, in the absence of the head of the college who often remained on leave. TheNation has learnt that the parents of the students received notification from College administration regarding fee submission.  The students along with their parents told the college administration that they have already deposited admission fee. But they have come to know from the Principle Office that the said clerk did not transfer the fee in the college account. While talking to TheNation ,Director Education OPF, Brigadier (Retd) Farogh Anjum said that clerk; Amjad Iqbal has already been suspended from the college. But the parents of the students want their money back from the college administration who are not probing into the matter accordingly.   The parents  told TheNation that they have received warning letters from the Principle Office, which intimidated them to deposit the admission fee, otherwise they would not be considered eligible for the next session. "But when we approached the Principle, he was not present in the office, as usual, and acting Principle turned a deaf ear. Now where should we go as no one is out there to hear our hue and cry," they lamented. When the matter was brought to the notice of Director Education OPF, Brigadier (R) Farogh Anjum, he expressed his ignorance towards the entire episode while initiating an inquiry as to who lodged complaints against Raja Amjad. Later, he told this scribe that he took stern action against the clerk in some cases of misconduct and he has already been suspended and put into jail. He told that if someone has objection regarding the misconduct, corruption and discipline must approach him with written proves. He further said, "I would never comment against my department's officials, as I have no authority to comment over official matters", he remarked while ignoring all the objections. While rejecting the accusations levelled against his staffer ,he commented that against whom he would take action?  He was of the view that there was no big problem anywhere, as no one has lodged any complaint with him.    He proudly said that he believed on procedurals system. He said that he could only take action if some thing was wrong in the officials' files. "Now how I can take action without approaching the files, as objections are yet to be filed against anyone" he argued. " The accused clerk has been put behind the bars but not due to his massive corruption but due to some private matters. He is now resting in jail and no inquiry is possible during his detention and who will return our money back", parents of the students questioned?