KARACHI - Poverty claims the life of a young woman who burnt herself to death due to the unaffordable treatment of hepatitis, here in the limit of Sir Syed police station here on Thursday. Najma Kiran wife of Muhammad Nawaz has been suffering from Hepatitis since her marriage. She was not properly treated because of the expansive remedy. It is widely believed that she has committed suicide after a prolong treatment. The incident took place on Thursday late night. She was shifted to burns ward of the Civil Hospital where she died. Her husband works as embroiders in the local garment's factor in New Karachi. She got marriage with Nawaz three-years-ago and was the mother of almost one-and-a-half-year-old boy. Explaining the incident, the inquiry officer Moin Rehmani informed that deceased's mother, father and other family members were available at the house when incident occurred. Quoting to her husband, the officer Rehmani said that his motorbike was parked in the home, she opened the tank took some quantity of petrol, poured it on her body and lighted it.  We did not know anything until we heard the sound of her screaming," said Nawaz, adding that they broke the door and temporarily succeeded to rescue her but she ultimately died after being taken to the hospital. She sustained almost hundred percent burn injuries, said the officer, adding that the police had received the information from the hospital and reached hospital.   However, quoting to the mother and father of the deceased, the officer said that deceased had confessed that no body had done anything against her rather; she committed suicide after prolonged disease.