ISLAMABAD - Far removed from the drones of the tribal areas, it is right here in the Capital that US nationals are behaving with arrogant bravado. Over the last few days, American diplomats have repeatedly been found carrying unlicensed arms, manhandling and thrashing Pakistani citizens and using extremely abusive language while misbehaving with local policemen. According to the data available with this scribe, Islamabad police spotted some senior American diplomats on five different occasions when they were found keeping illegal automatic weapons. Every time, the diplomats reportedly exchanged harsh words with our police officials and refused to comply with law. A few weeks back, a Pakistani student was given a bad beating by an American diplomat inside the Diplomatic Enclave. The poor student had dared to let his vehicle passed close to a US national while he was jogging alongside the road. In another incident, a mid-career American diplomat abused a senior police official of Secretariat Police Station who was performing his duties at Diplomatic Enclave. Adding insult to injury, a Pakistani citizen was reportedly thrashed, a few days back, by two American diplomats at Super market who had dared to park his car near the vehicle of Americans. Just recently, four American diplomats were apprehended and were kept in police custody for a few hours on the charges of keeping illegal heavy weaponry with them before the American Embassy interfered and set them free. Their (Americans) attitude was so derogatory and they were behaving with such contemptuous slur as if we were their slaves. They keep bullying everybody like they are our masters some concerned police officials related to this incident reported. The diplomats of a super power should learn to behave they deplored. On one hand the US Ambassador admits that people of Pakistan have some 'misconceptions about Americans that need to be addressed, on the other hand such repeated incidents that make mockery of Pakistans sovereignty with least regard to law of land have gone unchecked by the US envoy. In her press briefing dated August 27 last month, Anne W. Patterson had stated that there were some serious 'misconceptions among common Pakistanis about US, which she opined, needed to be redressed. However, the incidents that followed proved that leading American diplomat had failed to 'tame her cronies. When contacted, Spokesman US Embassy Richard Snelsire, as usual, expressed his ignorance towards the incidents regarding highhandedness of American diplomats. I dont know anything about that, this is the first time a reporter is calling me and telling me this, Im ignorant to all this, he added. The ignorant American diplomat advised this scribe to contact Pakistani authorities in this regard, his 'prudent advise said, I refer you to your Pakistani authorities who have a better understanding of this matter.