I want to draw the attention of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif towards Pakistan's third largest city, Faisalabad, which is faced with the problem of non-availability of clean drinking water. Although Faisalabad is called the 'Manchester of Pakistan', the availability of clean drinking water in most localities of the city, including Shirinabad and Hajiabad, is still a dream. No attention is being paid towards installation of filtration plants in the city to ensure provision of clean drinking water. The citizens, naturally, are compelled to purchase water from water suppliers even if their product may not be suitable for health. There is a dire need to lay water supply lines but local government is focussed on providing these facilities to the posh areas of the city only. Non-availability of potable water and the massive pollution are causing serious health hazards such as Hepatitis here. I request to the CM and the City government to take steps to tackle these problems urgently. -RIZWAN RASHEED, Faisalabad, via e-mail, September 4.