Lawyers retained by the Pakistan government to defend Aafia Siddiqui, who faces trial for allegedly shooting at U.S. interrogators in Afghanistan, Friday discussed their plan of action with the top Pakistani diplomat, according to official sources. The new team of eminent lawyersCharles Swift, Ms. Linda Moreno and Ms. Elaine Sharpwere approved at a hearing in the US District Court in New York on Wednesday. Ms. Siddiqui, the 37-year-old Pakistani neuroscientist, told Judge Richard Berman, who presided over the hearing, that she does not want any of the lawyers, including her current court-appointed attorney, Dawn Cardi. But Judge Berman ruled that the lawyers financed by Pakistan can join the court-appointed attorney of Ms. Siddiquis, who was recently declared fit to stand trial after a special hearing was held to determine if she was delusional. Her trial is set for November 2. Officials said the lawyers informed Ambassador Haqqani that Ms. Sharp will leave for Pakistan sometime next week while Swift will travel to Afghanistan in a effort to gather facts at first hand. They will met relevant authorities and concerned people to collect as much information as possible to build a strong case for Ms. Siddiqui. Fakir Asif Hussain, a senior diplomat at the Pakistan Embassy, is coordinating efforts aimed at seeking her release. The new defence team has already said that it is confident that the Pakistani neuroscientist had harmed no one and was innocent of the charges leveled against her. We thank the court for granting our entry into this case, they said in a joint statement on Wednesday. Lawyer Moreno, reading the statement on behalf of her colleagues said, We look forward to representing Dr. Siddiqui in her struggle for justice and restoring her home to Pakistan where she belongs. We ask those who report this case and those fair Americans who will eventually sit in judgement of her, to remember that this a criminal case, and that Dr. Siddiqui begins her journey as an innocent person under the laws of our country. We are confident that the evidence in this case will show that Dr. Siddiqui harmed no one. To the contrary this 90 pound mother of three was shot and wounded herself, the alleged circumstances of which are not supported by evidence. It is also important to note that Dr. Siddiqui is not charged with any crimes of terrorism Human rights groups and her previous lawyers said they believe she was secretly held at Bagram air base in Afghanistan. Family members in Pakistan have said they believe she was tortured at Bagram.