ISLAMABAD (Online) - Expressing concern over expansion of American embassy in the federal capital, Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Luo Zhaohui has asked the US to expand the embassy keeping in view the security rules and regulation of Pakistan. China has concerns over expansion of US embassy in Islamabad and the United States should expand its embassy by materialising rules and regulations of Pakistan, he said while addressing a news conference on Friday. Responding to a question, he said China is against using the term Af-Pak for Pakistan, as it is a sovereign state which should not be compared with Afghanistan where the US and allied forces are battling against insurgency. Answering to another question, the ambassador expressed satisfaction over security being given to the Chinese citizens in Pakistan saying, We have no plan to deploy Chinese Army in our consulate. Commenting on relations between Pakistan and China, Luo Zhaohui referred to the collaboration with Pakistan in various fields and said his country would continue to assist its all weather friend to overcome the sugar and energy crises. When asked about President Asif Ali Zardaris visit to China after every 3 months, he said the visit of Pakistani President was aimed to boost working relationship between the two countries. When President Asif Ali Zardari would travel to China at an official visit, full protocol would be provided to him, he said, adding Pakistan and China have people to contact. Talking to a private TV channel on Thursday, Interior Minister Rehman Malik made it clear that US embassy has neither applied for grant of additional visa to more marines nor Pakistan permitted for the increased number of marines in the US embassy here. He said, As for as marines are concerned, neither US has applied for any additional visas; nor we have given any permission to them and this was disinformation. The Minister said the news that US has hired 300 houses in capital has no realty and it is totally wrong. To a question Rehman Malik said US, China and Turkey have applied for extra land for extension of their embassies. Pakistan is a sovereign country, who ever comes to Pakistan should have to obey the laws and regulations of this country. To another question, Rehman Malik said, Blackwater is not operating in Pakistan-we have our own system, rules and regulations-we will not allow any body to operate from here.