Javed Mehmood/Zamir Sheikh KARACHI-Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has said that govt had won elections and will complete its five-year term before going to the masses again. He warned the elements who were trying to create hurdles in the smooth functioning of democracy and the govt. Speaking at an Iftar-dinner hosted at the Governors House here on Friday, Gilani said that PPP is following the slogan of its founding father ZA Bhutto that people are the real power base and so we are striving hard to serve the masses. He said that politicians should take lessons from Western democracies where the govt after getting elected complete their term without any hitch. Recollecting the steps that the govt had taken after coming into power for the welfare of the masses, he said one of the major achievements was launching of Benazir Income Support Programme launched with the seed amount of Rs 34 billion but now it had been revised and increased to Rs 70 billion. He said the support price of wheat was raised to encourage the growers and to achieve food grain self-sufficiency which was a big challenge for the govt. Gilani said when the entire world was suffering from recession, Pakistan stood up to take up the challenge and was not affected as severely as some of the countries in the world. He said that that one of the biggest and serious challenges that the country is facing today is militancy and terrorism. The government with the support of the masses took up the challenge successfully and restored its writ in Malakand, Swat and elsewhere, he added. The govt would continue to relentlessly pursue its aim to root out terrorism and militancy so that peace is restored in the areas that were affected by it in the past, he declared. No fight against terrorism could be won without the support of the masses, he said and ,added, that the people of Pakistan had backed its govt to take action against lawless elements. The Prime Minister said that the success of Pakistan Army to control the situation in Malakand and Swat could be assessed with the actions of NATO forces in Afghanistan where the multinational army had failed to control the situation but in Pakistan, the Pakistan army controlled the militants in just eight weeks. This shows the will of the govt and the courage of Pakistan army in dealing with the situation, he said. He further said that now the terrorists are on the run and the democratic govt would not take rest unless it completely eliminates terrorism from the country. Talking about Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), he said that thousands of people left their homes in Swat and Malakand and took shelters at their relatives in the neighbouring towns and cities where they were welcomed with open heart. He said this was a big challenge which the govt had accepted and now the IDPs have returned to their homes and govt has started rehabilitation work in the areas. We will reconstruct Swat and Malakand. We will construct bridges, buildings and other necessary infrastructures, he added. He said that disinformation was being spread that government had comprised on the Kashmir issue after giving rights to Northern Areas. PPP govt will never compromise on Kashmir issue and will continue to provide moral support to the people of Kashmir as it was the basic policy of the party, he said. Responding to a query about power shortages, he said that the shortage of power could not be overcome within minutes. It will take time and government is trying to overcome this longstanding problem by evolving long term, short term policies, he added. He said that criticism had been made on PPP in 1994 when it invited IPPs, adding, that now the same IPPs were catering to 50 per cent of power need of the country. He said he was inaugurating one new IPP every month and hoped that the power shortage will be overcome as soon as possible. Talking about Balochistan, he said that Balochistan was suffering from sense of deprivation for the last 62 years and now the govt has constituted a committee to remove this sense of deprivation from the province. Modalities will be worked in the light of committees report, he added. Responding to a question about Local Bodies, he said that it was provincial subject and Federal govt has nothing to do with it. Sindh Governor Dr. Ishart ul Ibad Khan presented address of welcome. Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah, Federal Information Minister Qamar-uz-zaman Kaira, provincial ministers and advisers were also present on the occasion.