Pakistans ambassador to the United States Husain Haqqani hosted an Iftar dinner for members of the Pakistani-American community as he urged them to assist national efforts geared towards socio-economic development of the people. He particularly highlighted the importance of education for all segments of the Pakistani society and promotion of values of tolerance and moderation as taught by Islam. The holy month of Ramadan is an opportunity to reflect upon reasons for low development indicators and to look for ways to overcome roadblocks that impede uplift of the people, he stated. The Holy Quraan revealed in the holy month lays great emphasis on education - but we lag behind in the key field - therefore, it is our inescapable duty 'both individually and collectively to promote the cause of education for all. Ambassador Haqqani also drew the dynamic Pakistani-American communitys attention to the role it can play in forging closer and beneficial relations between Pakistan and the United States. Prominent members of the Pakistani community including lawmakers, physicians, scholars, businessmen and social activists attended the Iftar dinner at the Pakistani embassy.