LAHORE - Chairman Pakistan Traders and Industrial Association Front (PIAF) Irfan Qaiser has urged the government to start mega projects like Kalabagh Dam without any further delay to revive the countrys economy. He said that the policymakers should also take all the stakeholders particularly the trade leaders into confidence before evolving economic policies as they could provide better solution to the on-going crises. Unfortunately, he said, the GDP growth in Pakistan remained below two per cent during 2008-09 while its population grew by 2.5 per cent. The tax base that was at 12 per cent of the GDP three year ago has dropped to 8.8 per cent. Therefore, the government should broaden the tax-net instead of increasing tax ratio on the sectors, already under immense pressure due to various reasons. About the forthcoming elections of LCCI, he said that the PIAF-Founders Alliance would ensure to maintain its last six years record of clean sweep as the alliance is striving hard to redress the problems being faced by the business community. He also said that the new leadership of the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry would leave no stone unturned to improve the confidence of the traders and foreign investors besides providing guideline to the government to uplift crises-hit economy.