Balochistan is burning and seems headed for sure to a point of no return. The Baloch political leadership is constantly warning about the worsening crisis and offering suggestions to solve the issue. Unfortunately, the political government and the 'popular' opposition leader have priorities other than to save the country from break up. It is a good omen that leadership of Balochistan is inclined to talk and has not yet closed the door of dialogue. But if the government is 'busy', why is the opposition not coming forward to play its role? All opposition parties, including Jamaat-e-Islami, Tehrik-e-Insaaf and PML-N have simply turned a blind eye to the situation there. A charismatic young leader from Balochistan, Shahzain Bugti, was here in Lahore recently. I can't understand what was the hindrance in Nawaz Sharif offering a place to the young Baloch to bring him in the mainstream politics? What is the problem with President Asif Zardari? Why can't he visit the Bugti House to heal the wounds? -DR AFTAB RANJHA, via e-mail, August 28.