KARACHI - Pak-U.K. bilateral trade is enhancing with ratio of 12 percent every year. London recognizes the commercial potential of Karachi and Pakistan and expects value-addition in Pakistani exports to enhance bilateral trade, said Mr. Robert W. Gibson, Deputy High Commissioner, British Deputy High Commission while addressing in the eighth meeting of Diplomatic Affairs Sub-Committee of Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry. He was invited to discuss matters of bilateral trade. Robert W. Gibson stated that U.K. has great hope to flourish the commercial activities between both countries. He informed that U.K. investment in various projects of Pakistan has reached to 400 million British Pounds. He said that trade has not suffered during the global recession however British Businessmen were reluctant to visit Pakistan. He emphasized on regular exchange of trade delegations between two countries. Robert W. Gibson informed that during his visits to U.K., in his speeches to British Business Circles and answering to the queries, he highlights that Pakistan is a very dynamic country with great potential of investment having talented people who appreciate peace and harmony. 'Pakistan is not what you see in e-Media and read in newspapers. Certain quarters of foreign media portray gloomy picture about the law & orders situation. He said that he was working in Pakistan since last one & half years and noticed that law & order situation was much better as it is portrayed by foreign media. He informed that British companies doing business in Pakistan were enjoying profitable business with satisfaction and most of them are expanding their business. Commenting on the Travel Advisory he said that their responsibility was to advice but they cannot compel anyone to visit or not visit Pakistan. He said that situation in Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad was better and British visit these cities. Travel Advisory is reviewed with the span of time, he added. Commenting on the GSP plus status of Pakistan for market access in EU, British Deputy High Commissioner said that it was the job of governments to further the agenda and reach an agreement. He said that Pakistani Value-added textile products is popular is U.K. and its export can be increased with further value-addition. He was of the opinion that Pak Government must spend adequate amount of its budget in health and education sector as healthy and educated population contributes to economy. Robert W. Gibson said that U.K. can provide advance Agricultural Technology and Pakistani farmers have to show their interest and contact for the need. He said that Royal Agricultural Exhibition will be held in U.K. soon and Pakistani Agriculture sector shall participate in it. He informed that presently 26 British companies were engaged in different sectors and investment is energy sector is also expected. Commenting on the issuance of Visas, British Deputy High Commissioner said that visa issuance procedures is rationalized and applications from Pakistan are forwarded to U.K. Mission in Abu Dhabi where visa are processed according to the specified criteria and requirement of the Mission. Visas are processed on available evidences and refused due to incomplete or forged documentation. Earlier, President, Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Anjum Nisar and Muhammad Arif Balgamwala, Chairman, Diplomatic Affairs Sub-Committee-KCCI also spoke.