KARACHI - The Road Safety unit of TCD has started the road safety education programme through demonstration and launching films, paintings, cartoon and other attractive gimmicks to create awareness about the road safety among the masses, while a demonstration was also held in this regard at Sir Shah Suleman Road on Friday. The first road safety education programme of this series was held among the teachers and students of a primary and higher secondary Model School in Gulshan-e-Iqbal. The TCD spokesman said that a walk was organised at Sir Shah Suleman Road and teachers and students educated the general public about the importance of road safety education through placards, paintings and cartoons which were prepared by the students at their own. Artist Haiderum Shah also participated in the walk and helped children in making paintings and cartoons relating to the road safety education. It may be noted here that more than 600 people were killed and more than 200 injured every year in Karachi in accidents, while out of those casualties 53 per cent were pedestrians. Whereas, among the pedestrians, 26 per cent were school-going children that were killed every year on the streets and roads of Karachi. Therefore, the road safety education programme has been started due to its increasing importance. Meanwhile, the Transport and Communication Department (TCD) has started development work for installation of at least three pedestrian bridges at newly built Preedy Street in Saddar, which is also a part of Signal Free Corridor-III. A senior official of TCD said that due to speedy vehicles on the signal free corridor at Preedy Street, the densely populated Lines Area, Jacob Lines, Saddar and other adjoining areas people were facing great difficulties in crossing the roads. Moreover, the concrete walls and a centre-line railing erected at the entire Preedy Street were causing immense problems for thousands of pedestrians including old man, women, and children whenever they attempted to cross the Preedy Street. Therefore, they had been compelled to jump the surrounding and centerline walls for travelling. Keeping in view the difficulties of pedestrians, TCD has started development work at three different locations on the same street. The decision to this effect was taken after reviewing the dense population of Lines Area, Khudadad Colony and some other adjoining parts located at both sides of the Preedy Street, he added. Sources said that the places had been identified for installing the pedestrian bridges and installation work had also been started at two sites. Sources are hopeful that the development work of pedestrian bridges would be completed within a month.