WHAT Salma Hayek wants, Salma gets Mrs. Gazillionaire showed up to the Chateau Marmont on Wednesday night with a huge group with no reservation and was flat out rejected for a table. The Chateau is infamously hard to get into, especially without a reservation, even if you are a celebrity. So when Salma and her group were rejected, Salma threw a hissy fit and started swearing at the hostess in Spanish The hostess told Salma she could have the next available table, but that wasnt good enough. According to Radaronline.com she continued to swear at the hostess in Spanish until her friends pulled her aside and calmed her down. But being a firecracker, she went back and gave the hostess a piece of her mind in English this time Yikes, note to self: dont offend Salma Hayek - HS