LONDON-British Prime Minister Gordon Brown on Friday disclosed that in a recent meeting at 10 Downing Street President Asif Ali Zardari had assured that Pakistan Armed Forces are getting ready to tackle the terrorism threat in Waziristan and agreed on stepping up action against Afghan Taliban leaders based in Pakistan. In his speech at the International Institute of Strategic Studies, a British think tank based in London, he said that in Pakistan in the last few months, the army and security services have taken on the Pakistani Taliban in Swat, Dir and Buner. Gordon Brown said: 'we removed the Taliban from power and drove al Qaeda from Afghanistan, so al Qaeda relocated to the remote mountains of Pakistan. A new crucible of terrorism has emerged. The Director-General of our security service has said that three quarters of the most serious plots against the UK have had links that reach back into these mountains. At present the threat comes mainly from the Pakistan side, but if the insurgency succeeds in Afghanistan al Qaeda and other terrorist groups will once again be able to use it as a sanctuary to train, plan and launch attacks on Britain and the rest of the world. He further said: 'The advice I receive from the security agencies is clear. The sustained pressure on al Qaeda in Pakistan combined with military action in Afghanistan is having a suppressive effect on al Qaedas ability to operate effectively in the region-but despite these difficulties, the main element of the threat to the UK continues to emanate from al Qaeda and Pakistan.