Chairman Pakistan People's Party (Sherpao), Aftab Ahmed Khan Sherpao has said that precautionary measures should be taken while unleashing air strikes, so as, to avoid Tirah, Khyber Agency like situation in future, says a press release here on Sunday. On September 1 air strike by the army in Tirah Valley had resulted in the killing of 55 innocent civilians. In a statement here, he said that this aerial bombing had earned public wrath as the killing of the innocent civilians had created a scene of grief and sorrow all over the country. Such incidents were not good for the image of the armed forces as these would lower its estimation in the public eyes. He said that extra ordinary care was required in such like strikes as it would turn the people against the drive against terror and the efforts would instead of any advantage earn disadvantage for the country. Even the tribal Maliks had also protested over the said air strike which killed 55 innocent civilians. He contended that in case care had not been taken then government would be isolated publicly in its campaign against war on terror. Sherpao reminded that few months earlier the COAS had to apologize to the people of Khyber Agency over similar air strike with a pledge not to repeat the mistake but in the given circumstances it is an unfortunate incident. He demanded compensation for the affectees and ensure that due care that such like incidents should not take place in future.