I was astounded by the defense put up by President Zardari for his coalition partner Altaf Hussains firebrand utterances on a daily basis in which he openly incites treason, asking the Armed Forces to rise in rebellion and society to wrought a bloody revolutionall of this against corruptionof which he and his party are fully a part, being coalition partners in governments of Sindh and Center. What a mockery and what exploitation of the poor What about the people MQM has killed, so brutally too, in the last three years with its coalition partner PPP? They do not get a mention nor does Mr Hussain point a finger at Mr Zardari, the central figure in all corruption. Mr Hussain cares two hoots for the constitution, article 6, rule of law and all such that might deter him from holding forth. Imagine, on the other hand, the extent of sycophancy of the man that masquerades as custodian of the constitution, President Asif Zardari. He brushes aside Mr Altaf Hussains calls for treason as his right to think and speak as he wishes no matter, apparently, if it violates the constitution. Now, is President the supreme most judge of all to adjudicate the constitutional validity and veracity of statements of his coalition partners, his party men, cronies et al, even if these utterances so flagrantly violate respect of the constitution, hurt our security interests or even scupper the independence of judiciary? Why does the Supreme Court of Pakistan not take a suo moto notice of Altaf Hussains recent speeches and statements and those of his party men too who are all in the habit of speaking at the top of their voices to shout down all those who differ with them. The President, I may add, needs to make clear dividing lines between his own vested interests, party interests and national interests and stop forthwith the tendency to trespass into extra-constitutionality which he is wont to do almost non-challantly and has been doing so ever since he assumed the charge of Presidency. Had Nawaz Sharif made the sort of anti constitution statements Altaf Hussain has been making of late, I am sure the PPP and MQM would have proceeded with a treason case against him in the superior courts. I dont see why should he spare them? His party men can petition this courts on the matter for the sake of country or he himself can lead a second Long March against this horribly-corrupt combine of PPP-MQM-ANP that is ruining this country. K. MUSTAFA, Peshawar, September 4.