LAHORE - The United States wants to install a military regime in Pakistan to be able to advance its agenda in the region after its imminent humiliating defeat in neighbouring Afghanistan. However, there is no possibility of martial law at present as the army, the judiciary and the PML-N are committed to safeguarding the existing democratic dispensation, former army chief Gen Mirza Aslam Beg said on Saturday. Talking to The Nation, he said there was no need for the resolution which the National Assembly adopted on Friday. The best course for the lower chamber of the bicameral legislature was to condemn MQM chief Altaf Hussain who was calling for military intervention, he said. The US, the former army chief said, wanted to bring in Pakistan a military ruler like Musharraf, Zia or Ayub Khan. But, according to him, Gen Kayani had refused to play into the US hands. The role of the judiciary and the opposition PML-N had also made it impossible for the US to bring about the desired change, he said. Thus a conspiracy being hatched by the US stands effectively frustrated. Gen Beg said this was the second time Gen Kayani had played a role in support of the democratic system. Earlier, he recalled, the COAS had foiled the bid to keep Gen Musharraf in power at the head of a US-backed setup by keeping the army and the intelligence agencies away from the 2008 polls. He recalled that the results of the elections were contrary to the US expectations to an extent that a Washington-based newspaper financed by CIA had written in its editorial that America had failed to achieve its targets. Gen Beg said at a time the US was facing the most difficult situation in Afghanistan and was thinking of quitting the war-ravaged country, it could not do anything more without Pakistans support. Therefore, he said, it wanted to have a setup of its own choice in Islamabad. Answering a question, he said, democratic system was going to stay on in Pakistan despite all its flaws and inadequacies. Asked why the army was not clarifying the situation, Gen Beg said as a matter of fact the defenders of Pakistan were watching the moves of the elected representatives. The army, he said, was not in a mood to overthrow the political system yet again as it was still trying to rebuild its image tarnished by the past interventions. Gen Beg said the government should bring an end to its confrontation with the judiciary and take steps to root out corruption. He said it should admit all the mistakes it had made ever since taking over power. I believe the nation will pardon them.