PUNE (India) Mother of Salman Butt had made several compromises in her life to ensure that her son would become a successful cricketer but she would now be a shattered lady, believes Maqbool Max Babri who worked with the most of the members of the Pakistan team as a clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist. Speaking to this scribe, Babri said: Salman Butt has been in and out of the team. I talked to him prior to the T20 World Cup last year and he told me that he does everything to please her. I am sure the lady would be most upset now. Salman is the most highly-educated player in the Pakistan team and possesses a masters in business degree. I am very distressed to hear about the alleged spot-fixing allegations, he added. Since the investigations are going on and a definitive charge has not been pronounced I will go along with my gut feeling that there is more than what meets the eye and the boys are more innocent than guilty. It has all the tidings of a sting operation, with no datelines on the videos shown as a proof, do we know that they were filmed after or before the actual happenings, the ordered no balls, Babri further added. Well, I like Muhammad Amer very much as he comes from a small town of Gujar Khan near Rawalpindi. He is simple, humble and very focused person. He was groomed at the cricket academy near Rawalpindi by Mr Bajwa who taught him the values of life and encouraged him to continue formal education. I have difficulty in comprehending that he could be involved in something like what he has been alleged to be involved with. Even if he has made a mistake I am sure it would be because he is either unaware of the implications or has been pushed into this by someone. It is hard for me to accept that Salman and Asif can be involved in any spot-fixing. Let us wait and see how things unfold, he concluded.