The people from twin cities gradually has started to vacate Islamabad-Rawalpindi to their home towns, as Eid day is approaching. In a survey report which has been conducted by Online, people who have been residing temporarily in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. There is large number of workers who have been settled for business purposes and working in private or government offices. Now they have started step by step to leave twin cities. Muhammad Nadeem told Online that he belongs to Sahiwal and here he is working in private company. He said that first he would send his family to his hometown and then later he would go before one day of Eid. This is a great time to celebrate Eid celebrations with the other members of the family. Ahmed Shah who is doing business here in Rawalpindi while talking to him at Faizabad Bus Stand. He said that he is leaving to Sargodha along with his family to celebrate Eid day with other relatives. Therefore, the gradual process for vacating twin cities has been started which would continue till Eid Day morning.