We keep hearing about this 'flood of people coming. Nice phrase devised by some clever people They expect public to come out like the rising tide of a flood but I dont think it will come. For one, the flood affectees are poor people that love their simple, peaceful life in their own sphere. That is very much evident from the news coverage and visit of various anchors of private channels to the affected areas. Secondly, there is very little strength, if any, left in these people; their strength washed away with their wares and cattle in the rushes of rivers. Their back is broken. So the 180 million cusec flood that analysts have been promising wont come. And if we hold mid-term polls to give these people an outlet to vent out their grievances with the present incompetent regime, the anger would subside completely. Let us not delay it lest we actually make that other 'flood come. -AMJAD H. MIRZA, Lahore, September 2.