PESHAWAR The Provincial Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has refused to reinstate 5,000 government employees who were dismissed during previous regimes. The Provincial Government citing financial problems and damage to its economy inflicted by recent floods has expressed its inability to reinstate these employees dismissed during 1996 -1999 by the then governments. Earlier the incumbent government had decided to reinstate all these federal as well as provincial government employees dismissed in the past and for the purpose different committees had been formed. The Federal Government was asked for provision of funds for reinstating these employees however, the Centre refused to provide any fund in this regard. Sources informed TheNation that some members of the Parliament from ruling Pakistan Peoples Party had requested the President and the Prime Minister during their recent visits to the flood-hit areas to reinstate the dismissed employees as most of them were affiliated with PPP. They said the President and the Prime Minister had assured the party MPs of resolving the issue on priority basis, however the Provincial Government was not in a position to accommodate 5,000 employees. The Provincial Government had said if the Centre provided funds to the flood-hit province for reinstatement of these employees and cleared their dues of many years then it would consider the reinstatement of those persons.