LAHORE A religious scholar Syed Sarfraz Ahmad Shah has said that the days are not far away when the country will lead the Muslim world and the people of Pakistan will get rid of all the miseries. He said this at a sitting held at Aiwan-e-Iqbal on Saturday to discuss the prevailing situation in the country. Syed Sarfraz said that the people had lost moral values and there was no rule of law in the country, however, he added that Allah Almighty would change these dark days into good ones soon. He said that the people who love Pakistan should not let their hopes down regarding the future of the country. However, at a question answer session, he has to face some 'practical based arguments of the people who believe in what they called the rationality. A man asked from Syed that would the bad days be changed with the miracles. Syed Sarfraz was of the view that instead of all the hurdles, Pakistan was created but after its creation the country had to bear many difficulties yet it was safe. He said that none of its enemies could bring serious harm to it.