ISLAMABAD While the incumbent government and humanitarian agencies are claiming to provide relief items to all the flood-affected areas, reportedly, certain incidents of distributing aid in the villages where the relief items and not needed and flood wave has not even touched the soil of area have started happening in some areas of the Punjab. Relief goods are regularly shifted in the affected villages of Punjab from Multan but in some of the incidents these relief items do not reach the deserving hands of the real affectees belonging to far-flung villages. Affectees from far-flung areas living in ghettos remain deprived of aid and those responsible are least bothered about woes and worries of victims, a UN official requesting anonymity told TheNation. There is much emphasis on paper work just to update daily report, a UN (WFP) official said, while concerned officials keep sitting in Punjab and take little interest in providing relief at proper affected place. The relevant office of the UN agency has also been conveyed the alleged negligence of Punjab staff that they were not properly monitoring the area and activities of the NGOs working there. A number of humanitarian agencies working in the area have shown negligence in this regard, it has been learnt by TheNation. In sheer negligence, in one of the incidents happened in the southern Punjab where flood wave even didnt touch the soil of a village but relief items were distributed among the villagers and officials delivered relief items by knocking on the doors of their homes. In one such incident, in a small village some 50 kilometres from Taunsa, Kottani relief items for around 100 families were distributed among the surprised villagers, as they were not hit by floodwater. Reportedly after the fake distribution of relief items with the help of an NGO, some people of the area and workers of organisations including Al-Khidmat Foundation registered their protest and took to the streets and raised slogans against the unjust act. They pointed finger at a local landlord Sardar Aijaz Khetran of the area that he took the NGO into confidence and got the relief items distributed among the people. Just to appease his voters, he made distribution of relief items in this area, said people from the area. For his comments, a number of attempts were made to contact Sardar Aijaz but he was not available on phone. Relief items should be distributed among the real affectees, this village was not flood-affected area at all and relief items in bulk have been distributed here, said Jaffar Almgir of the areas. Hanif Khetran from the same area was of the view that just to get appreciation of the people of the area Sardar Aijaz taking the NGO into confidence distributed relief items which is nothing but shameful. Khalid Khan, Jhangir Khan and some other people of the area informed that there was no need of relief items. There is no flood situation as misguiding the concerned workers with the name of another village Notkani which was a badly-affected area, the relief items were distributed in Kotani area. It has been further learnt that after the distribution of food items, a number incidents of brawl also happened there and sensing the gravity of situation the concerned area police also reached the spot and took the relief items in its custody. When contacted, SHO Vehova Muhammad Hassan Tahir confirmed the incident of brawl and protest on relief items a couple of days before. He confirmed that reportedly relief items were distributed in Kottani area instead of Notkani. When asked about the negligence of staff in Punjab and incident of fake distribution, Country Director WFP Wolfgang Herbinger said that he would find out the real situation. Relief items are properly provided among the ffectees, Wolfgang said adding that he would look into the matter and find out the real situation.