Had our political leadership been sincere about strengthening democracy in the country, there would not have been any need for Parliament to pass resolutions declaring its unanimous resolve to do so. Nor would public utterances made to that effect be called for. Unfortunately, at least pro-democracy speeches are never in short supply in Pakistani politics. The fact is that the past 63 years, though considered a brief period in historical terms and replete with frequent military interventions, provided enough occasions to demonstrate their commitment to the democratic system Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had visualised. The people are fully aware that the passage of the two resolutions by the National Assembly on Friday, one affirming commitment to strengthening genuine democratic system and democratic institutions and the other demanding the abolition of the feudal system, have little value. The fiery exchanges between Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan (PML-N) and MQM parliamentarian Farooq Sattar would, most likely, only form part of the proceedings, without impacting in any manner their lives, as they would not affect the corrupt and unedifying style of governance in the country. Unless there is a radical change in the thinking of the ruling classes nothing would change. Avowals of strengthening democracy have been ten a penny, and there have been at least two land reforms but both have exposed the hypocrisy that lay behind them. There is not much need to research the causes of peoples disillusionment with the government - they are so glaringly evident. Having gone through experiences of military dictatorship, though, they would overwhelmingly go for a civilian rule. The authorities must know that in removing these causes to the common mans satisfaction alone lies the secret, which would automatically secure the future of democracy in Pakistan. However, when his abiding worry about the prices shooting up on a daily basis and the constant threat to life and property even if he decides to remain indoors, let alone step out, are not addressed, ideas begin to take shape in his mind. While saner elements in society must raise their voice against MQM chief Altaf Hussains populist views, it is for the ruling leaders to deliver on good governance. However, if they themselves defy the judicial verdicts, disregard the compulsions of the rule of law in the ordinary course of life and freely indulge in corrupt practices, they are doing a great disservice to democracy. Let Mr Altaf Hussains address serve as a wake-up call