ISLAMABAD (PR) - The Brazilian Embassy invites you all to attend the lecture “The Art Scene of Brazil Today”, given by the Brazilian art expert and promoter Roberto Padilla, on the Brazilian contemporary art scene. Roberto Padilla, celebrated art expert, is in Pakistan for the first time to present the broad panorama of the arts in Brazil. In the last 25 years, among other activities, Roberto Padilla has been responsible for or connected to the most important art exhibitions which took place all around Brazil. This constant and intense work has made him very familiar with most Brazilian contemporary artists and all major Brazilian art institutions. On the occasion of the Brazilian National Day, the Embassy of Brazil in Islamabad is proud to bring such an eminent person to share with Pakistani artists, art promoters. The interaction with Roberto Padilla will certainly strengthen the increasing cultural ties between Brazil and Pakistan and will hopefully foster future bilateral activities. The lecture will be held today (Wednesday) at 5:30pm, at Kuch Khaas - House No 1, Street 1, F-6/3, Islamabad.