WASHINGTON  - A hacker group has claimed to have obtained personal data from 12 million Apple iPhone and iPad users by breaching an FBI computer, raising concerns about government tracking. The group called AntiSec, linked to the hacking collective known as Anonymous, posted one million Apple user identifiers on Monday purported to be part of a larger group of 12 million obtained from an FBI laptop. Contacted by AFP, FBI spokeswoman Jenny Shearer said: “We’re not commenting.” Peter Kruse, an ecrime specialist with CSIS Security Group in Denmark, said on Twitter that the leak “is real” and that he confirmed three of his own devices in the leaked data. “Also notice that they claim to have fullname, adresses, phone numbers etc... Big ouch!” he tweeted. Eric Hemmendinger, a security expert with Tata Communications, said the report raises concerns about the protectors of cybersecurity. “The question is not whether it’s accurate, it is why did the feds have the information and why did they not take due care to secure it,” he told AFP. Hemmendinger said that based on past reports from Anonymous and related groups, he believes the report is probably true.