KARACHI- Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Chief Altaf Hussain has urged upon big political parties to take the country out of the brewing crises and imminent threats. He said that everything was linked with the existence of Pakistan. If there were no Pakistan, there would be no politicking, and no fiefdom. He was talking to the members of the MQM coordination Committee in London, the Organizing Committee of the MQM in UK, and the MQM Women Wing at the party International Secretariat.Altaf Hussain said that the country was beset by grave internal and external threats. Innocent people were becoming victims of targeted killings in many cities. He regretted that no political party in the country was ready to speak about the loss of innocent lives, and the leading political parties in the country were busy in mudslinging at each other in their quest for power.He further said it was time the common people of the country decided if they wanted to unite against terrorism by forgetting their differences. They should force the government, the law-enforcing agencies and the judiciary with their unity to come to the help of the oppressed and to punish the oppressors.He asked every Pakistani to get united and help the MQM and Altaf Hussain for the sake of the country. The MQM would eliminate oppression and inequality and establish a just and equitable system in the country. The MQM wanted to bring a system in the country in which there was no injustice and people belonging to all faiths, beliefs and sects had equal rights. MQM wanted a system in which women also enjoyed equal rights and were not subjected to violence and discrimination. Meanwhile, the scouting week would be marked in Sindh from September 5 to 11. This was stated by the Provincial Commissioner of the Sindh Boy Scouts Association, Muhammad Siddiq Memon. He said that after schools and colleges, this movement is now being promoted in the universities. Memon said that the Governor and the chief Minister are patronising the promotion of scouting in the province.He further pointed out that in connection with the scouts week a number of programmes would be organized to foster awareness regarding this movement and to encourage the youngsters to join in.