MARDAN – Several families of Bajwar Agency affected by security forces operation have shifted to Mardan district, where they need aid, food and shelter, as they are living a miserable life.Most of the affectees are living in the houses of their relatives in a helpless condition. Umar Bacha along with his three blind brothers named Bakhat Modin, Shafiullah and Niaz Wali Khan son of Abdul Mateen residents of area Batwar, Kally Santapoor Bajwar now living in Misriabad Mardan talking to TheNation said that 3 and half month ago security forces came to there village and told them to quit the area and vacant their houses. He said that later on suspected militants came in the village and clashes started between them and security forces and several people including women were died in these clashes. He further said that their cousin Bahram Khan and their other male and female neighbors were also died in these clashes. He said that our eleven cattle’s were also killed in these clashes and they left there houses with out any means and in helpless conditions left their houses on the mercy of Allah. He said that his cousins named Noor Bacha, Jan Bacha, Saed Bacha, Khan Bacha, Gul Bacha and Saedullah along with families also shifted to Mardan. He said that they along with his other three blind brothers, female, elders and children left their houses seven days ago and are living with their relatives in Misriabad Mardan and till now no one provided them any aid, food and shelter. He said that like them several families of their areas migrated to Mardan district and are living in different parts of the district and they are also living in helpless conditions. He demanded the government, non-government organisations and philanthropists to provide them food and shelter.