KHYBER AGENCY – Despite elapse of three years, Bara operation has still shown no sign of resolution to the terror threat and no end to operation is in sight, which has further worried the local tribesmen.Bara residents said that keeping in view the insurgency in Bara, the security forces, backed by political administration, decided to launch a cleanup operation against militants on September 01, 2009. The operation started and brought long hours curfews, which caused damage to the masses routine life and every field of their life, including education, health, agriculture and sports, got affected. The operation caused destruction to the infrastructure of development in the area, the residents regretted.Agency Education Office Khyber official told that 83 education institutions have been demolished in Khyber including 51 in Bara. He said that at least 25000 boys and 22000 girls have been deprived of the right of education.More than 51000 families have been forced to leave their home towns and have taken refuge down town with their relatives or living in Internally Displaced persons (IDPs) camp in Jalozai, Nowshera, a non-government organisation said. Leader Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Khyber Agency chapter, Iqbal Afridi declared it fruitless military operation and said, “thousands of tribal are serving their lives below poverty line.” He demanded forthwith halt to forces activities and the asked the government to seek the solution of the matter through dialogues. Trader community was the one who suffered a lot in the uncertain situation of Bara. Since 2009, 10000 shops and business centers in Bara bazaar have been closed and all trading activities have been suspended, resulted loss of millions to business beside unemployment of 30,000 locals and non-local shopkeepers and labors, the effected traders blamed. President Anjuman-e-Tajeran Bara Bazaar, Said Ayaz Wazir while commenting on the matter said, being patriotic citizens of the country we supported the forces operation to wipe out militancy from the area but the present ongoing indefinite operation is equallant to economic assassination of businessman. He appealed to the concerned authorities to take positive steps for resumption of merchandise activities in Bara.According to official and local sources 567 civilians have been killed and hundreds of them sustained injuries in the forces and militancy combat in Bara so far. Khyalmat shah Afridi, a local resident and presently an IDP said, “the useless operation have inflicted heavy life loss to the dwellers of Bara. Besides, thousands of casualties dozens of men, women and children have been left disabled.” Like other social activities health facilities have been remained nonfunctional in Bara and as per health department due to suspension of polio vaccination in Bara and surrounding areas 26 polio cases had detected in 2010, 20 cases in 2011 and 9 in 2012,health official revealed that one hospital and 10 Basic Health Units (BHUs) were disproportional which multiply miseries of the people.   According to forces sources so far 450 militants have been killed and more than 700 have been wounded in the combat, however 210 forces personnel have killed or wounded in arm fighting with militants. It is important to say that the forces initiated cleanup operation on September 01, 2009, against the insurgents in Bara to clear it from all kind of militancy and to restore peace and to establish writ of government.