LAHORE – The Government College University (GCU) Quality Enhancement Cell is holding a four-day special training programme for the university’s newly-appointed teachers to edify their skills in modern teaching methodologies, professionalism, marking and grading in higher education, time management, communication skills, stress management, lesson planning, micro-teaching, education psychology, assessment and personality development.

GCU Vice Chancellor Dr Khaleeq-ur-Rahman chaired the opening ceremony of the four-day training, and later also trained the participants in using positive body language as effective tool of communication.

Addressing the training session, the VC said that genuine learning was not possible without interaction and inspiration and depth of teacher’s character was very crucial in this equation. He said it was not only knowledge which made a person good teacher, rather it was his character and ability to impart knowledge which played a more crucial role.  The VC gave the teachers practical training and useful guidelines about how to keep body language positive in classroom and tough working environments. He said “always ask yourself before saying anything to anyone that Is it true? Is it harmful?  Is it necessary? besides you as teachers should always keep promises, spread smile around, have a forgiving nature, keep yourself open to changes, consider criticism as opportunity to improve, cultivate a positive sense of humor, practice empathy, evaluate your behavior and never miss true opportunity to complement. Prof Khaleeq told the young teachers that with bad attitude, they could never have a positive day, and with positive attitude, they can never have bad day. 

Addressing the participants, GCU QEC Director Iram Sohail said that the importance of teachers’ training could not be ignored since it prepared teachers to cope with the challenges faced in the classroom. She hoped that the four-day intensive training would equip teachers with modern techniques of interacting with different students simultaneously regardless of their learning and comprehension levels. “The success of student is one of the most rewarding aspects of teaching profession,” she added.

MEMBERSHIPS BANNED: The Government College University Lahore Old Ravians Union (ORU) has banned new memberships for three months starting from September 10, 2012. ORU Honorary Secretary Dr Khalid Manzoor Butt said the ban was imposed in wake of the union’s elections and no new membership request would be entertained till December 10.