GEORGE Chirita, a Romanian electronics engineer turned computer designer makes luxury computers and accessories for the world’s rich and famous. His creations are inspired by royalty like French King Louis XVI and are decorated with expensive materials like gold, marble or lapis lazuli. Prices start at $21,000.

If you think your dusty old machine just isn’t worthy of your royal lifestyle, you’ll be glad to know someone finally came up with the idea of making computers fit for kings.

His name is George Chirita and he’s a Romanian immigrant who took France by storm with his gold-plated computers decorated with marble and precious stones. His small company produces computers in three different styles - Louis XV, Louis XVI and Empire – inspired by classic French decorations, which Chirita says he has always been a fan of. And while the company’s main goal is to create a stylish decorative object to enable customers’ surroundings, they certainly don’t neglect quality hardware. ”To bring together and create this world of ‘luxury technology’, first of all you’ve got to use the latest high-tech innovations, in terms of the electronic components to build a computer like that, and we also use classic French styles which are timeless styles”, George Chirita told Reuters. The workers who put together these luxury computers at the company’s workshop in Melun, France, usually use marble and lapis lazuli for the base of the machine, and gold-plated brass and bronze for the monitors. But it’s not just the materials used that make these things so special. Chirita has regular artists working on his computers, and he says their craftsmanship of classic French decorations fully justifies the €17,000 ($21,000) starting price of his exclusive products.

Depending on the client’s choice of materials and special specifications, the price of a computer can go a lot higher. Although the discreet owner didn’t reveal any of his clients’ names, saying he has had orders from all around the world, he did mention affluent tech-lovers from China and the Middle East have been particularly interested in his luxury computers. If you’re actually considering forking out at least $17,000 on a computer, check out the different styles on              –OC