BAJAUR AGENCY – Leaders of All Bajaur Political Parties Alliance (Bajaur Siyasi Ittehad) Tuesday urged the government to take immediate steps to ensure fulfillment of basic needs of the tribesmen affected by war on terror in Salarzai tehsil. They also warned of holding a huge protest demonstration against the government if serious and speedy measures could not be taken to resolve the problems facing the displaced persons. Addressing a press conference here at Khar, leaders of the alliance including its president Maulana Wahid Gull, General Secretary Haji Said Badsha, Haji Rahat Yousaf, Haji Khan Bahadar, Sardar Khan and other said that thousands of residents belong to the difference areas of the region have badly affected for the fighting between the forces and attackers.Maulana Wahid Gull said that so far more than 70,000 of affectees have been displace from their houses and they have been shifted to their relatives in the different parts of the agency and other areas of the province since the clash was erupted in the area. He said that all the displace persons facing number of problems and hurdle due to the lack of basic needs of foods, shelters and medicine and as result they are living in very miserable situations “Majority of the displace persons are in extremely critical conditions as the facing shortages of foods and other basic needs of lives,” he said, Adding that their lives would be at risk if foods and medicine could not provided on emergency basis.The leaders of all the political parties have strongly condemned the local administration and the federal government for their silence over the problems and hurdles that facing the people affected of the fighting in the areas. They said the fighting in the areas that badly suffered the whole region entered its third week but the government, FDMA, its other organisations and the local government yet did nothing for the welfare of the people of the affected areas of Salarzai tribe. They demanded of the government to take immediately steps for the welfare of the affected persons and provide them foods, medicine, shelters and other requirements, which they need.  They urged the government to establish a camp for the internally displaced persons because majority of people were living without shelters. The local leaders of different political parties have expressed great concerned over the critical situation of the people and the civilians who been trapped in their homes due to the fighting and they claimed that a large number of civilians including women, children and aged persons were still trapped in war affected areas.“The people trapped in their homes are facing serious threats of lives and a huge human tragedy could be happened if immediately step for their rescues would not taken,” they said. They asked the government and the administration to immediately stop the operation in the temporarily basis because the local would be able to bury their relatives who had been killed during the fighting in the different areas.  “The ceasefire is very necessary for the large interest of the local and the civilians that had been tripped in their home for the last two weeks could be safely rescued from the war zone,” they said.