JHANG - Six people died of suffocation in the well of a sewage disposal station here at Chak Khokkhara near Satellite Town the other day.

Reportedly, four sewer men identified as Dildar Maseeh, Imjad Ali, Sany Maseeh and Zahoor Ahmad were repairing an electric motor at the dispoal station which had been lyng out of order for the past some weeks. Meanwhile, Dildar who was sitting at the edge of the well was suddenly effected by the poisonous gas and fell down into the well. Imjad Ali, Zahoor Ahmad and Sany jumped into the well to rescue Dildar but they were also affected by the gas and died on the spot.

Meanwhile, unaware of the phenomenon, two locals Umar Hayat and Javed Ahmad rushed for their rescue into the well but they also fell prey to the poisonous gas.

Upon information, Rescue-1122 reached the spot but despite hectic efforts could not succeed in saving life of any of the persons.

Following the incident, locals protested against the negligence of TMA Jhang. However, DCO Shahid Niaz has ordered an inquiry into the incident.