SADIQABAD - Tehreek-i-Istaqlal President Rehmat Khan Wardag said that Pakistan should ensure cordial ties with adjacent countries while stressing the need for entering into the no-war treaty with India to avoid war for the next 20 years.

“After the treaty the money would be spent for the public welfare instead of on defence in both the countries,” he said while addressing a press conference in Dehar. “Pakistan should end alliance in the US war on terror,” he added terming the immediate withdrawal from the war in the national interest.

“We have spent $80 billion in the war on terror while we have been given only $12 billion,” he said “If we had spent the huge amount in projects like construction of dams and roads, we would have become prosperous.” Wardaq maintained that it was the US which brought some 45,000 Mujahideen or Muslim fighters including Usama Bin Ladin in Afghanistan.

Regarding election system in Pakistan, he said that an obsolete election system was enforced in the country whereupon the politicians from the middle class could not reach assemblies and only landlords and capitalists in one or the other way were elected. 

Commenting on the creation of new provinces, he said that to strengthen Pakistan, small administrative units with provincial autonomy in the country were necessary. He emphasised that the Water Vision 2016 should be implemented in letter and spirit and immediately three small dams should be constructed in Khairpur, Sehwan Sharif and Jam Shoro so to ensure availability of water to the farmers in Sindh for Kharif and Rabi crops. Pakistan’s ‘Water Vision-2016’ envisaged the need to built Diamer-Bhasha dam first on a priority basis in order to help resolve the acute power shortage in the coming years. He mentioned that in India, four crops are produced. “We have to strengthen Pakistani farmers,” he added.

Wardag praised the PPP-led government for appointing an uncontroversial election commissioner of Pakistan. Supporting former president of the Supreme Court Bar Association, he said that the PML-N should accept and back Asma Jahanger as caretaker prime minister as she had been proposed by the PPP for this slot. He warned that the PML-N should not give an opportunity to such person as may become caretaker prime minister and would not hold elections for three years, saying that the national circumstances are not appropriate.

He was of the view that under Fakhrudding G Ebrahim and Asma Jahangir, the general elections would be held transparently. He also demanded that the local government elections should be convened in the next month so that the general elections could be held in time.

Seminar stresses prevention to avoid dengue: A seminar was held here to raise awareness about dengue wherein MPA stressed to adopt precautionary measures to cope with the menace.

Addressing the seminar organized by the Social Welfare Department, MPA Shamilla Aslam said that there was no need to scare of dengue as it could be tackled by adopting better strategies. She said that the public should act according to the policies of the Punjab CM to avoid dengue.

EDO Health Dr Ghazanfar Abbas Dharrala, DO Social Welfare Ray Akhtar Azhar , DO Environment Ali Imran, DDO Health Dr Javed Khalid, gender specialist Zubaida Hassan, Shahid Pervaiz Chaudhry and Imran Hafeez were also present with other notables during the seminar.

While addressing the seminar, the EDO health suggested that in case of fever people must use Paracetamol instead of other medicines and should consult qualified doctor instead of self-medication.