I would like to ask the Prime Minister if citizens of Pakistan have the right to know what will be the impact of power plants run on coal, the federal government is keen to set up at Gadani, on a fast track basis.

It would help all to know the effects this will have on the environment of the area, as carbon dioxide and other gas emission from these plants will affect the people living in the area as well as the overall pollution of Pakistan.

All over the world, coal based plants are being scraped as these are considered to be the main source of atmosphere pollution and cause of lung cancers for those who work in such plants or live near such areas. I would like to request that the environment impact assessment study should be made public so that people can know the truth about coal-based power plants and if they are suitable or not.

We should not create another environmental problem in pursuing to resolve loadshedding issue.


Karachi, September 2.